Here you can download service manuals, schematics, catalogs, and articles about ASL's products. The files are in Adobe PDF format. Click here to get Adobe Reader if you do not already have it.                                                

FPRS E-Series Cabinet Units

E-Series Service Manual - (Covers both FPRS-E30 & FPRS-E40 models)

FPRS S-Series Cabinet Units

S-Series Service Manual - (Covers both FPRS-S30 & FPRS-S40 models)

FPRS-S200 Service Manual - Units with serial numbers 001-005

FPRS-S200 Service Manual - Units with serial number 006 and up

FPRS-80 SBO Units

80 SBO Service Manual - Produced after 2003

80 SBO Service Manual - Produced 2003 & earlier

80P (Phosphate Ester) Service Manual

Previous Products

40 SBO Service Manual

40 ABH Service Manual

80 ABH Service Manual

Component Manuals/Drawings

Viking Pump Manual

Tuthill Pump Manual - 30, 40, 80 GPH - Part No. ASL-83930, ASL-83940-7, or ASL-83980

ASL S-Series Schematic

ASL E-Series Schematic

FPRS-40-SBO Schematic

FPRS-40-ABH Schematic

FPRS-80-SBO Schematic

FPRS-80-ABH Schematic


Noria Re-print

Particulate Entrapment

Exelon Nuclear Test

S-Series Brochure

"How It Works" Technical Paper