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are patented, self-contained, stand-alone, "off-line" or "kidney-loop" fluid filtration Systems that have the unique ability to remove particulate of ANY size, right down to sub-micron sized particulate. The system will operate with any semi-conductive or non-conductive fluid, lubricant, or oil, within broad temperature and viscosity limits. The systemís ability to remove the pre-cursors of oxidation by-products, will prevent, and over time, remove existing Tar and Varnish deposits. 

Reduced downtime, equipment life extension, fluid life extension: that's our claim to fame!


Thousands of these systems are in use worldwide. The Electrostatic Cellís unique back flush capabilities extend its life span to 8,700 hours (one year of 24/7 operation) Inexpensive to procure, inexpensive to operate.

Our customers are able to achieve and maintain ISO codes as low as 10/7/0! Explore our website to learn more, and feel free to give us a call or send an email!

Be sure to visit our FAQ Page to see the answers to the questions we hear most often.

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