Electrostatic Filtration Systems



ASL ELECTROSTATIC FLUID PURIFICATION SYSTEMS are patented, self-contained, stand-alone, “off-line” or “kidney-loop” Fluid Filtration Systems that have the unique ability to remove particulate of ANY size, right down to sub-micron sized particulate.  The system will operate with any semi-conductive or non-conductive fluid, lubricant, or oil, within  broad temperature and viscosity limits.  The system’s ability to remove the pre-cursors of oxidation by-products will prevent, and over time, remove existing Tar and Varnish deposits.

Thousands of these systems are in use worldwide.  The Electrostatic Cell’s unique back flush capabilities extend its life span to 8,700 hours (one year of 24/7 operation). The system is inexpensive to procure and inexpensive to operate. 

Our customers are able to achieve and maintain ISO codes as low as 10/7/0! Explore our website to learn more and feel free to contact us.


  • Only requires annual maintenance
  • Sub-micronic filtration levels
  • Built-in water removal pre-filter
  • Tar and Varnish removal
  • Extended  oil change intervals
  • Extended component life
  • Only requires annual maintenance
  • Lowest initial cost and maintenance costs in the industry


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We’ve been saving oil from disposal since 1992! By extending oil changes indefinitely, oil that may have ended up polluting the environment during disposal stays in service.

Our electrostatic cell is unique in the industry. Changing the cell is a quick, hands clean operation. By utilizing quick disconnect fittings, no oil is spilled during the process. Our cells are an “exchange” or “core” item, much like automotive batteries. Once a new cell is installed, the used cell is returned to us. Each returned core is disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. Reusing electrostatic cell components allows us to minimize waste, which helps the environment and also helps keep costs low for our customers.

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