How Does ASL's Electrostatic Filtration System Work?

ALL other fluid filtration systems work by utilizing “size exclusion” MEDIA in the form of pleated or woven paper, or other “screening” material, which quickly clogs, and must be replaced often.

ASL’s Patented Electrostatic Fluid Purification Systems USE NO SIZE EXCLUSION MEDIA. Working on the principles of Electrostatics and Electromagnetics, particulate is held within the Electrostatic Cell by these forces, until power is removed from the Electrostatic Cell. Entrapped Particulate can then be back-flushed out with shop air by the operator.

System Overview

Fluid is drawn from the bottom of your reservoir by a self-contained pump and motor located within the ASL System. 

The fluid is first passed through a 5 micron (nominal) water absorber/pre-filter, where larger contaminants as well as free and emulsified water are removed.

From the water absorber, fluid is then passed into the Electrostatic Cell. Fluid flows from bottom to top through the Cell. Exiting the Cell, fluid is returned to the top of your reservoir. The “kidney-loop” system is designed to operate 24/7, independent of your machine operations, providing a continuous stream of purified fluid to your machine.

Fluid flow diagram

As fluid (and particulate) enters the Cell, it first passes through two perforated plates which are tied to the negative side of the High Voltage DC power supply. Particulate in the fluid receives a negative charge as it passes through these plates. Coulombs force (likes repel) rejects these charged particles away from the negative plate, sending them upward toward the next plate in line which is tied to the positive side of the High Voltage DC power supply.

Just before the positive plate, the rising particulate encounters the toroidal flux field emanating around two ceramic magnets, which are buried in the foam insulating traps. Particulate entering this field is resisted at some places, and accelerated at others, becoming “strawed” into the porous foam.

The Toroid - Corona Influence Zone

Direction D1 and D2 torodial magnetic force fields

Direction D3 CCW revolving Corona formed by the intense localized electrical field.

particulate path in electrostatic cell

The Toriod – Corona Influence Zone is shown in this cut-away. The black dots represent particulate. (size exaggerated) Fluid (and Particulate) flow is bottom to top. Particulate, borne on the fluid flow, encounters different forces at different places in the 6 inch round Electrostatic Cell. Passing through the lower (negative) plate, particulate is rejected upward by Coulombs force. Some particulate “straws” itself into the foam, seeking a path upward. Some particulate comes under the influence of the Torodial field around the magnets, resisted in some places, and accelerated in others, never finding a resting place. Other particulate comes under the influence of the Corona around the positive plate. The Toroid and Corona fields intersect, creating turbulence in the particulate, forcing it to be “strawed” into the course foam, while oil flows on through, free of both “hard” and “soft” particulate matter. Uniquely, when the High Voltage power is removed, particulate, no longer held in place, can be back-flushed out with low pressure shop air.

The entire Electrostatic Cell is shown in cutaway below: 

Electrostatic Cell transparent view

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