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ASL Core Values

ASL is a family owned and operated company that remains committed to personalized customer service in an increasingly automated world. We are dedicated to providing a high quality product that is made in the United States at the best price in the industry. ASL is proud to be a green and lean company by keeping costs low to pass savings along to our customers and manufacturing a product that is environmentally friendly.

History of ASL Electrostatic Filtration Systems

Originally formed in New Mexico in the early 90’s to study particle acceleration, the original ASL (Analytic Systems Laboratories) was purchased by NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Company) and moved to Merrillville, IN in 1992. The electrostatic oil filtering process was further developed and four US patents were awarded. In 2000, NIPSCO sought to divest themselves from their small business ventures and the company was sold to an ownership group. 

The ownership group brought in David Bickford to serve as General Manager. David’s experience in engineering and maintenance dates back to the 60’s where he served in the U.S. Air Force as a helicopter pilot and crewmember during Vietnam. Following his service in the Air Force, David pursued a career in aviation maintenance and returned to the military in 1975 serving in the U.S. Navy on the E-2C radar aircraft program. After his Navy service, David worked for Grumman Aerospace for many years in various departments: field service, manufacturing, foreign military sales, and the small business development program. After leaving Grumman in 1992, David worked in steel processing, IT, consulting, and small business development. His consulting background brought him to the ASL ownership group in 2000 and David was hired as General Manager.

David developed the sleek “cabinet” style filtration system from the more cumbersome original style.

David and his wife, Maureen, purchased ASL from the ownership group in 2006 and relocated the company to Wanatah, IN from Merrillville, IN. With the purchase, Maureen brought her 30+ years of accounting and bookkeeping experience to ASL. 

David and Maureen’s daughter, Sarah, joined the company in 2003 as the Office Manager and her husband, Jeff, in 2007 as the Plant Manager. ASL acquired Roilgard Inc., a conventional filter manufacturer, in 2007 after utilizing Roilgard’s filters as a “pre-filter” to the electrostatic process since the beginning.

Today, David and Maureen are retired with Sarah and Jeff serving as managing partners operating both ASL and Roilgard’s day-to-day business. Sarah holds a degree in Social Work and is licensed in the state of Indiana. Sarah also worked at the local hospital at the height of the COVID pandemic providing social work services.

Our Customers

Our customers are the reason we do what we do. They come from various industries and have unique needs, but they all rely on us for top-quality solutions and support. We’re dedicated to serving our customers and building lasting relationships with them. A sampling of some of our clients are included below.

Customer Testimonials

MAHLE purchased the ASL S-40 Electrostatic Filtration unit to improve the quality of the hydraulic oil used to operate vibration tables at our R&D test lab facility. Prior to the purchase of the filtration unit, MAHLE had experienced multiple high repair costs due to varnish build up in the pilot valve controlling the vibration tables. Under the recommendation from Kim Zelkowski, of Closed Loop Technologies, we installed the unit in June of 2011. Since then, MAHLE has not had to make any emergency repairs associated with varnish build up. The reduced downtime and lower repair costs experienced over the years provided a very quick payback to the cost of the unit. MAHLE has been extremely happy with the filtration system and recommends it to any company with a similar application.

– Thomas Loss, MAHLE of Lockport, NY

Our experience here at NexteerAutomotive with ASL Technologies has been nothing but a positive experience. From ordering ASL units to ordering the filters to maintain them the process has been flawless and easy. We use ASL units here at Nexteer Automotive in our engineering test lab to monitor our hydraulic power supplies which run 24/7, 365 days a year to meet our customers testing deadlines. ASL units are generally maintenance-free with the exception of changing the filters in them during routine PM schedules. The ordering process with Sarah Soliday is flawless as well, generally we receive the filters onsite within 1-2 working days to do maintenance. I think anyone dealing with hydraulics owes it to themselves to have an ASL unit in place so that your system is getting the best oil it can to increase machine longevity.

– Louis Lovasco, Nexteer of Saginaw, MI

We used ASL units on all of our 22 Husky machines. We have been using the ASL oil conditioning units for the last 5 years. The ASL units keep the oil free of varnishes and any other elements. This helps with maintaining our servo valves and cartridge valves. The ASL units are easy to maintain and work on. Sarah and her team are always there to help out. I highly recommend the ASL units and the units have made a huge difference in keeping our oil in great condition for our machines.

– James Bullock, Amcor Rigid Plastics of Franklin, IN

We have been using the ASL oil conditioning units for the last 5 years. In order to maintain the oil integrity right from the start, we order one anytime we bring in a new machine. The ASL units are easy to maintain and work on, and annual maintenance is all that is needed to keep the oil free of varnishes and any other elements that could potentially cause valves to stick or to not function properly. The ASL units have made a tremendous difference in keeping our machines in optimal condition.

– Ethan Linn, Amcor Rigid Plastics of Franklin, IN

Our Dealers

Our authorized dealers can assist with your needs, particularly with service, or you can contact ASL directly.

Northeast Filter Logo

Northeast Filter and Equipment Company
Dan Coates
Serving OH, W. PA, WV, KY, IN

135 Parker Court
Chardon, OH 44024
Phone: 440-285-3790
Fax: 440-285-0730
Cell: 513-256-3263

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Molding Machine Services
Bill Waite & Ross Sharratt

950 Lake Road
Medina, OH 44246
hone: 330-461-2270
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J & F Distribution Co., Inc.
Tim O’Reilly

3070 Lafayette Road
Indianapolis, IN 46222
Phone: 317-925-8259
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cell: 317-517-3494

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HB Equipment
Hank Beeler

7838 Jandaracres
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Phone: 513-319-4042
Fax: 413-431-0806

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Closed Loop Technologies
Kim Zelkowski

3203 Waldron Ridge Drive
Lake Orion, MI 48359
Phone: 248-421-7075
Fax: 509-472-8324

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Canglobal (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Lorin Laverdure

63-1 Taman Sri Rampai, 53300
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 603-4025-5011
Fax: 630-4025-5015

How Does ASL's Electrostatic Filtration System Work?

ASL’s Patented Electrostatic Fluid Purification Systems USE NO SIZE EXCLUSION MEDIA. Working on the principles of Electrostatics and Electromagnetics, particulate is held within the Electrostatic Cell by these forces, until power is removed from the Electrostatic Cell. Entrapped Particulate can then be back-flushed out with shop air by the operator.  [more]

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